Acrylic on canvas     4.75 ' x 24.5 '

As with statisticians who have to find patterns relative to the data in statistics, we had to find a way to visually explain statistics and organize this horizontal space in such a way as to have it make sense to people who may or may not know about statistics. The center of Inferences Drawn is revealed as you enter Snedecor Hall, showing a large face that vertically divides a long horizontal space. The features of this central image are a representation of the involvement of “man” in organizing, summarizing and interpreting information as shown to the left in the mural, and from the raw material of any of the subjects they may be engaged with as disorganized data to the right. In collaboration with William Barnes

Snedecor Hall, Statistics Building          Entrance Hallway          Iowa State University          Ames, Iowa          Through Olson Larsen Gallery