Ink printed acrylic panels, backlit     6 murals / 6.50 ' x 11.75 '

The murals for the renovation of the Malloy and Dack wings of the Iowa Veteran's Home are located at the elevator lobby entrances on three levels. On each floor are the illuminated murals, "The Peace of Wild Things", that welcome residents and visitors to an open common seating area. Working with the veterans, the murals reflect the unifying command of land, sea and air. Discussions and direction from the veterans indicated their interest in animals and landscapes from different geographical locations around the world. To develop the murals continuity of composition, the focus for the artwork illustrates these remarkable creatures in the course of events and shows flow, motion, and flight. To achieve this effect the animals move easily in and out of the picture plain. The artwork is like a window revealing the grace and beauty of the natural world.  In collaboration with Rebecca Ekstrand 

                                                                   Iowa Veteran's Home, Mallory and Dack Wings        Marshalltown, Iowa        Images by Thomas Rosborough & Dan Cross